Humanism at Work

The main question is if today we can still aim to have humanism at work, in other words to create a good climate first to live and then to work together.

It seems that in the past – but when? – there was a good climate in the working domains and that many trials were and are made to come back to such a good climate.

Would it be possible indeed to be friends and colleagues at the same time? Therefore to live (and work) in a smart environment, taking care of people, sharing facts, competence, joys and sorrows?

Not all people can understand what it means, being the high competitiveness the major obstacle and therefore forgetting the respect. And respect it’s a matter of education.

Would it be necessary, needed, better to say compulsory to have someone imposing rules in that sense? Would the “fabbrica sociale” (social factory), the cooperative or the “human company” be a model? Or would it be better to leave to the individuals the willing to organize themselves as it should be?

Based on the experience it seems that the major lack in order to follow this path is due to the absence of responsibility, people don’t what to make steps forward to change direction. Colleagues are not helping each other, only the single life and professional garden have a value, but not a shared one.

A comparison with the foreign countries gives different results, more oriented to the forms and substances of sensitivity and respect, which don’t jeopardise the profits and consider the people in a “caring” atmosphere. It is in any case important to say that without caring, there wouldn’t be any improvement to get or introduce humanism at work.

Communicate with people as a starting way to humanize a company, telling them numbers, figures, processes, costs, would mean to involve people in the company’s management, to get better results from the behaviour point of view.

Humanize the work is a time consuming activity, but it should become an attitude, the fundamental of the future’s company.

The vision: to have the freedom (and the right) to refuse an order or a job by a Customer, who is not respecting mission and values of the company. Because at the end of the day working shouldn’t be a sacrifice, but a shared engagement to be developed with passion and fun.
Humanism is a long process, which should be played with patience and consistency, where long-life batteries are needed.

“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.”
(Vince Lombardi)

As lived, discussed, written and shared during @OhanaMeetup #theworkrevolutionparty
@CocoonProjects in Rome, March 23rd– 24thMarch, 2018

Revised and edited by Claudia Massioni